Email/SMS Marketing & Campaigns Made Easy
easy creation
Easy creation
Create marketing and campaign projects with ease using the various methods and tools available to achieve awesome results. Ranging from using the WYSISWYG editor, using awesome and compelling templates, upload web pages to outsouring the designing of campaign web pages to professional web page designers who understands your desire and give it to you.
contact management
Contact Management
Organise your contact distribution list for marketing and campaign projects. Add, edit and delete in single and batch operation. Create contact groups for respective or designated marketing or campaign projects.
import mails
Import contacts from popular mails
To save time and facilitate marketing and campaign projects, you can import contacts from your account in the popular email services such as Yahoomail, Gmail and Hotmail. Your mail credential and identity are intact because authorization of the contacts is from your mail services.
Send Single & Multiple Textual Bulk SMS
Send single or multiple textual SMS at the same time. Personalise message content for your customers or clients.
delivery report
Delivery & tracking reporting
Get delivery notifications of the messages you sent to your contacts. Get tracking reports of the mails opens and clicks, prints and forwards. Get the analytics of the marketing and campaign reports. And, get the recipients geo-localization.
Schedule for a later time
Create marketing and campaign projects, and schedule the mail messages to be delivered at any specified time later.
Subscription form plugin
Get subscription form plugin to be embedded on your websites or web applications to enable you collect contacts from your website visitors for subscription messages. The contacts are saved directly to your contact distribution list.